What Clients Are Saying

5 months ago I started my sister in Christ Lynette’s health and wellness program. I immediately agreed to start the program, but I had no idea what to expect. I especially did not know what kind of shape I was really in. In our weekly meetings we watched videos on various things that I was eating. As time went on I started noticing that my clothes were not fitting anymore (in a good way). In this process I was losing weight. I weighed myself at the beginning of the program and my weight was 227lbs. I started weighing myself every Thursday. I had a doctor’s appointment on January 13th where I was placed on the scale and Lord and behold my weight was 210 lb. I had lost 17 lbs. Thanks to my sister in Christ Miss Lynette (Coach Nettie) who has stuck by me, been a great motivator, a great inspiration and just a great friend; I was able to accomplish so much in very little time. It is not over, it is just the beginning!