A Family That Eats Healthy, Stays Healthy

Understand the 4 areas of health and wellness Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, Nutrition (L.E.A.N.)

04 April 2023

500 Terry Francois Street San Francisco, CA 94158

About the Event

2nd Sunday start to a better habits!! Awesome way to meal prep for the week!! Bring 3-5 mason jars (Quart size, wide mouth) and TWO/2 ORGANIC salad toppings already washed and cut up in a bowl (about 4 cups).  FYI – ORGANIC corn, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, bell peppers and all can items a must. Please rinse all items, especially can goods. Bring cooked rice and quinoa.

Please look at the list on Saturday to see how many folk are coming to guage how much is needed (look at the pic). If you don’t see something you like, bring it. Fun community event to learn how easy it is to meal prep for the week and make healthier choices. Come out, have fun with like minded folk, taste smoothies, see the Tower Gardens and learn the tools for a better quality of life! Eating healthy is economical, affordable, easy way to meal prep and lot of fun!!

Event Schedule

This isn’t another day-long session repeating the things we know. We’ve designed and framed them well, so every minute introduces a new concept and a different point of view to adopt.
08:45 AM

Introduction & Opening

Speaker: James Scott
09:00 AM

Smart Shoppers

Speaker: Jane Roberts
10:30 AM

Future of Diet/Wellness

Speaker: Hank Freeman
12:30 PM

Lunch Time

Lunch Time
01:30 PM

Client and User Experience

Speaker: Robert Reid
02:30 PM

Pantry Makeover

Speaker: Alex Keller
03:30 PM

Grow your veggies

Speaker: Tina Flores
05:00 PM

Conclusion & QA Session

Speaker: Mia Brownn

Meet the Speakers

Our bench of speakers includes some well-established and successful nutritionists who are known to be ruling the industry for years. Join the seminar and take a step closer to being an expert.

Jane Roberts


Hank Freeman

Health coach

Tina Flores

Life coach

James Scott

Wellness coach

About the Organisers

We are team Creatives. Having organized over 60+ seminars in 12 different cities in just two years, we understand the latest trends to pick the right topic for our seminars. We have partnered several experts who’ve readily agreed to contribute to this good cause of sharing knowledge with passionate professionals.
Join this seminar and get a chance to meet us and join our team.

Our Sponsors

It is not possible to host several seminars in different locations without helping hands. We have several sponsors who volunteer to help us physically and financially to make things happen.